Ski and winter equipment hire

Noleggi sci e attrezzatura invernale

Both the Skiarea del Monte Bondone and the Winter Park Pradis-ci on the Piné plateau offer a wide range of services, including ski and winter equipment hire. There are several shops offering this service, both in Vason and Vaneze, the main ski resorts on the Trento mountain, and in Bedollo, near the Pradis-ci ski lift.
The rental shops offer a wide range of equipment for skis, snowboards, ice skates and other winter sports, and their experienced employees will help you choose the right equipment for your needs.

Degasperi rent. Ski and equipment hire

The history of our business began long ago. It was the winter of 1958 when our father opened the doors of the first rental and workshop: Italy was experiencing an economic boom and Bondone was experiencing a tourist boom. It was he who taught us and passed on to us the great passion for this work. Of course, times have changed, few of us still know how to treat skis like the craftsmen of yesteryear, polishing them by hand.

Naturally, we have combined these skills with state-of-the-art machinery, because what counts is that your day on skis is always perfect, thanks to careful preparation that leaves nothing to chance.

It is precisely the combination of technology and craftsmanship know-how that distinguishes our rentals, together with the great passion that our family has been putting into Degasperi Rental every day for more than 50 years.

In addition to all this, we have equipment that is renewed every year at absolutely competitive prices.

We offer full ski service and heated equipment storage and you can find us at the following locations on Monte Bondone:

Degasperi rental – VANEZE

Position: loc. Vaneze 35, 38123 Vaneze - Monte Bondone (TN), in the main parking place, near the start of the ski lifts
Tel. +39 335 6144806

Degasperi rental - VASON (village)

Position: loc. Vason, SP 85 number 35 - Monte Bondone (Trento), just before the pass and just after Hotel MONTANA on the left
Tel. +39 335 6144806

Degasperi rental - VASON (at the start of the ski lifts)

Position: at the start of the chairlift Palon, Vason - Monte Bondone (TN)
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Equipment hire, skiing & snowboarding Cristallo

Rental equipment for every type of need, always prepared to the highest standards, in a renovated and welcoming environment for the whole family. We have skis, snowboards and boots in basic, intermediate and top of the range versions, for every type of skier, plus all the equipment for mountaineering, with different types of skins to allow you to go on excursions with maximum safety and fun. At the Cristallo Centre you will also find a convenient ski and snowboard depot.

You can arrive comfortably with your shoes on and leave fully prepared for skiing. There is no shortage of snowshoes, bobsleighs and various equipment for the winter, as well as a professional Service Ski service to prepare your equipment to the top. The experience of the Cristallo instructors will meet your every need.

You can find us at the following point of sale on Monte Bondone:


Ski rental Cristallo

Address: Strada di Vason 110 - 38123 Monte Bondone (TN)
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