Green certifications in Trentino

Four certificates for environmental sustainability in Trentino.

Trentino green catering

In 2011 the Autonomous Province of Trento set up a working table with the main trade associations operating in the catering sector, with the aim of activating an environmental sustainability project aimed at operators in the sector, called "Ecoristorazione Trentino". The project, concretised by a Programme Agreement signed in 2012, aims to increase and highlight the environmental quality of Trentino catering, awarding a mark to those which demonstrate that they are implementing actions to reduce their impact on the environment. More.

Green events in Trentino

Events, because of their heterogeneity and their capillary diffusion throughout the territory, are activities that can generate significant impacts on the environment, from waste production to water and energy consumption, to noise, and finally to the impacts related to catering services. For this reason, activating actions to reduce these impacts is considered a priority for the public authority and the entire community.
The regulations for issuing the "Eco-Events Trentino" mark were approved by Resolution of the Provincial Council no. 686 of 20 April 2018 (later amended by Resolution of the Provincial Council no. 2089 of 3 December 2021): from this moment on, any event held in Trentino can certify to its stakeholders (participants, associations, suppliers, public bodies, etc.) its actual commitment to sustainability. More.

Green shopping in Trentino

On 26 May 2010, the Autonomous Province of Trento signed a Programme Agreement with Trentino organised distribution, called "Ecoacquisti Trentino", taking its cue from the "Spesa Leggera" project activated in 2009 by the Municipality of Trento, later merged into "Ecoacquisti Trentino". Points of sale which obtain the "Ecoacquisti" label implement actions aimed firstly at reducing waste, and secondly at improving its differentiation. More.

Green Film

A certification mark of environmental sustainability for audiovisual productions that is awarded to environmentally friendly projects. More.


Other Marks & Certifications

Further nationally and internationally recognised certifications by category. More.