Il Castello del Buonconsiglio

Time of the year: all year round

Duration: 1 hour

Length: 3 Km

Il Castello del Buonconsiglio

From the Buonconsiglio Castle to the Doss Trento

The itinerary starts from the Buonconsiglio castle, which during the war was the headquarters of the command and operations center of the Fortress of Trento. Cesare Battisti, Fabio Filzi and Damiano Chiesa, Austrian citizens who fought as volunteers in the Italian army during the war, were executed in the pit of the castle. From the castle, cross the city and cross the Adige river, reaching the Piedicastello district. Here at the foot of Doss Trento you can visit the suggestive exhibition space of Le Gallerie, two former road tunnels now managed by the Trentino Historical Museum Foundation. From the neighborhood, go up the hill via the Strada degli Alpini built starting in 1940. Once you reach the top, you can admire the city from above. On the Doss Trento, in addition to the artillery, there was a fortified powder magazine, a station for carrier pigeons and a barracks. Today on the Doss Trento you can visit the National Historical Museum of the Alpine troops and the Mausoleum of Cesare Battisti, inaugurated in 1935.

The urban center was protected by an internal defensive line that included the Doss Trento and the immediate surroundings of the city.

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The path

19th-century fortifications of the Inner Line

Fortifications of Doss Trento

  • year of construction: 1848; 1880
  • typology: various works
  • ownership: public
  • open to the public: visitable
  • state of preservation: traces
  • Works demolished after the war

Martignano Battery

  • year of construction: 1882-1883
  • typology: battery
  • ownership: private
  • open to the public: no
  • state of preservation: unrestored
  • Disarmed in 1915

Fort San Rocco

  • year of construction: 1881-1883
  • typology: fort
  • ownership: public
  • opening to the public: no
  • state of preservation: not restored
  • Disarmed in 1915




1 hour

Total length

3 Km

Route type

one way (return by the same route)

Departure altitude

202 MASL

Maximum altitude

306 MASL

Start point



APT Trento, Monte Bondone

Piazza Dante, 24

38122 Trento

Ph.: +39 0461 216000

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