Aperitif in the town centre

Aperitif in the town centre

Piatto tradizionale

Piatto tradizionale

Aperitif in the town centre
Piatto tradizionale


Distancing yourself from your busy, hectic days: the right way to get to know Trento and its surroundings is to leave the hurry behind and look up at what surrounds you. The atmosphere is perfect for walking around slowly and meeting people, looking at the details that embellish this city and welcoming the slow rhythm of nature!

Our advice is to savour the city of Trento and its surroundings slowly, to indulge in moments of relaxation for mind and spirit, and to enjoy scents and flavours linked to the history of the place. Typical taverns and restaurants to taste local dishes, pizzerias and restaurants for every taste. Traditional wineries that dialogue with research to get closer to Trentino products. Trentodoc is the 100% Trentino aperitif, to be enjoyed in bars, wine bars, restaurants and wine shops.


Whether you experience it as a pure moment of leisure and escape from routine, or as a search for and tasting of wines with a refined bouquet, the aperitif is an indispensable opportunity to socialise. Strolling through the streets of Trento, it will not be difficult for you to find the right place to treat yourself to a moment of relaxation...

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Where to taste Trentino cuisine

Restaurants, pizzerias, huts, farmhouses, bistros where you can taste the local cuisine and the wines of Trentino.

Trentodoc sparkling wine

A fine, persistent perlage and an olfactory range that expresses the richness of the terroir and ranges from white-fleshed fruit and citrus to aromas of toasted bread. Trentodoc is a symphony of mountain bubbles...is there perhaps a better wine to toast Trentino, a land of charm and flavour?


Wineries and distilleries

They are special places, where cutting-edge technologies are put at the service of centuries-old knowledge, carefully guarded and handed down, to express undisputed wine-making excellence.

Aperitif with a view

A few minutes from the city, "spritz" with 360° panorama

Scopri dove




Wine shops and breweries

Find out where to taste wines and beers from the Trentino region. Better, if in good company.

Palazzo Roccabruna

Palazzo Roccabruna is a Renaissance residence, dating back to the time of the Council of Trent (1545-1563), and houses the Enoteca provinciale del Trentino, a structure dedicated to the promotion of Trentino food and wine and open to the public for tastings. In the 16th-century rooms of the Palazzo every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, it is possible to discover the aromas and flavours of Trentino's most representative wines and traditional food products, among which cheeses and cured meats are the most important.

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Il Marchio Qualità Trentino

The Qualità Trentino mark guarantees the provenance, origin and processing of products that meet particularly strict and restrictive specifications to guarantee adequate quality standards. Each stage of the production process is monitored and each person involved in the process is registered in special lists of breeders, producers and packers, also tracing the quantities produced, thus guaranteeing product traceability.

5 good reasons to buy Trentino Quality

Taste Trentino

The tastiest soul of Trentino is enshrined in the three Roads: Wine and Tastes of Trentino, Cheeses of the Dolomites and Apples and Tastes of the Non and Sole Valleys. Taste itineraries to be travelled among lakes, vineyards and the Dolomites, events dedicated to products and producers who, with the care and love of times gone by, allow us to discover and savour genuine products even today.

Taste itineraries

Mouth-watering recipes

Simple and genuine: Trentino cuisine recipes are based on fresh, seasonal ingredients from the mountains and lakes of the region. The dishes are often simple to prepare and do not require too many ingredients. Here are some suggestions for you: