L'ingresso della batteria in caverna nella zona del Pontesel

Time of the year: from spring to autumn

Duration: 5 hours

Length: 12,3 Km

L'ingresso della batteria in caverna nella zona del Pontesel

From Vela to Sorasass with the San Vili path

The route starts from the locality of Vela, which can be reached by bus. At the end of the houses, path no. 627 (San Vili path, indicated with SV signs) starts, a long historical-naturalistic route that joins Trento with Madonna di Campiglio. After the steep first section, it connects with the Sorasass tour at Poza dei Pini. Following the military road on the summit, you reach the Pontesel area. The return is along the ascent route.

Sector V of the Fortress included the Soprasasso mountain and the Bus de Vela barrage. 

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The path

Fortificazioni ottocentesche del V settore

Fort Cadine - Bus de Vela

The stronghold across the road was built between 1860 and 1861. It had the task of blocking access to Trento, controlling the Bus de Vela. The closure of the road axis was not only entrusted to a gate, but to the entire artefact: this characteristic makes it unique among Trento road cuts. The fort is a construction in limestone ashlars, equipped with casemates for artillery and riflemen. Some service areas are underground: a tunnel led to an artillery emplacement in barbette. The fort was connected with the Dos di Sponde blockhouse above via a military road. Disarmed in 1915, it also served later as a road control. Restored and equipped, it is managed by the Fondazione Museo storico del Trentino and can be visited at certain times of the year.

  • year of construction: 1860-1861
  • typology: stronghold across the road "tagliata stradale" 
  • ownership: public
  • open to the public: visitable
  • state of preservation: restored
  • disarmed in 1915

Blockhaus Dos di Sponde

  • year of construction: 1860-1861
  • typology: blockhaus
  • ownership: private
  • open to the public: no
  • state of preservation: restored
  • disarmed in 1915




5 hours


Difference in altitude

844 m

Total length

12,3 Km

Route type

circular route

Departure altitude

197 MASL

Maximum altitude

813 MASL

Start point



APT Trento, Monte Bondone

Piazza Dante, 24

38122 Trento

Ph.: +39 0461 216000

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