Baita SAT

Time of the year: from spring to autumn

Duration: 2 hours 30'

Length: 6,7 Km

Baita SAT

From Viote to Parolet: the round tour of the Pale del Monte Bondone

Starting from the Viote barracks, go up along what was the old military road, then follow the signs for the SAT hut. At the end of the road, take path 626, which retraces the path that connected the various positions in the sector, with beautiful views of the Adige valley. Once you reach the SAT hut, head to the Parolet, which can be climbed with a short detour. Then take path 692 which leaves almost immediately taking an unnumbered path on the right that leads to the main road; from there in a few minutes you return to the barracks.

The VII sector of the Fortress started from Monte Bondone and went down to the town of Romagnano and the Adige Valley.

Find out more about the sectors of the defensive system of the "Fortress of Trento", dating back to the Great War.

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The path

Nineteenth-century fortifications in Sector VII

Fort Romagnano

  • year of construction: 1896-1899
  • typology: fort
  • ownership: private
  • opening to the public: no
  • state of preservation: restored




2 hours 30'


Difference in altitude

269 m

Total length

6,7 Km

Route type

circular route

Departure altitude

1.525 MASL

Maximum altitude

1.685 MASL

Minimun altitude

1.421 MASL

Start point



APT Trento, Monte Bondone

Piazza Dante, 24

38122 Trento

Ph.: +39 0461 216000

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