Time of the year: all year round

Duration: 1 ora

Length: 1,9 Km

In the Celva fortifications

From the Cimirlo pass, climb up to Fort Roncogno, following path 419. Continuing on the path that climbs up to Mount Celva, it takes a few minutes to reach the diversions to visit the Sentiero dei 100 scalini (100 steps path). Returning to path 419, one arrives at the lower area of the Celva, known as the Ex Observatory, where it is possible to walk along the long trench that surrounded the area and enter the cave works. The path to the summit of the Celva continues among what remains of the defence system. At the summit, the pit where the armoured dome stood is visible. Descending in a westerly direction below the summit, near the large repeater, it is possible to access the cave emplacements. The return is along the ascent route.

Sector III of the Fortress covered the northern area of the Marzola, the Cimirlo pass and Mount Celva.

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The path

19th-century fortifications in Sector III

Roncogno Battery

  • year of construction: 1879-1880
  • typology: battery
  • ownership: public
  • open to the public: openings
  • extraordinary openings during the year
  • state of preservation: restored
  • Disarmed in 1915

Cimirlo Battery

  • year of construction: 1880-1881
  • typology: battery
  • ownership: private
  • open to the public: no
  • state of preservation: traces
  • Demolished in 1915

Railway barrier Serra

  • year of construction: 1896
  • typology: railway barrier
  • ownership: public
  • open to the public: no
  • state of preservation: unrestored


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1 ora


Difference in altitude

239 metres

Total length

1,9 Km

Route type

one way (return by the same route)

Departure altitude

745 MASL

Maximum altitude

980 MASL

Start point



APT Trento, Monte Bondone

Piazza Dante, 24 - 38122 Trento

Ph.: +39 0461 216000

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