The "Oro sfiorito del Costalta" legend

One summer evening some Serràia peasants were in the square chatting about more and less, when one of them started screaming like crazy.

–  Hey, look...look up there!
–  Where…what did you see?
–  There, halfway up to Costalta...Can't you see?

Only then could the others, raising their eyes to the mountain, admire an extraordinary phenomenon: an intense light, as strong as the sun, illuminated that part of the forest, as if a star had fallen in that very place.

–  That it's a fire? – someone said.
–  But no, you don't see that there isn't even a wisp of smoke!
–  And what can it be, for God's sake! – a young man exclaimed. –  I'll go upstairs and see. Who's coming with me?
–  You don't have to go up to Costalta – said an old man, who until then had been silent, chewing on his pipe, – to know what that light is...
"But then you know where it comes from," the others urged him.
–  Of course: it is the brushed gold of Costalta! – the old man murmured leaving and leaving the Piazza della Serràia in the deepest silence.

Since then, the belief that Monte Costalta is so full of gold was born, that the veins, once they reach the surface, touch each other in blinding bursts of light.
Many, however, have dug in search of the precious mineral, but no one has ever found a grain of it!