Snowpark Monte Bondone

Snowpark Monte Bondone

Snowpark Monte Bondone

Served by the Montesel chairlift

The snow park is also open at night

900 m long
200 m wide
1470 to 1600 m masl

North exposure

The snow park Monte Bondone challenges snowboarders’ imagination and skills thanks to its great tracks, jumps and rails, which are perfect for the wildest enthusiasts.

This is one of the best, perfectly organised snow parks in the Alps and can be accessed at night twice a week. The new “Slopestyle” features Easy and Medium trails. The snow park is fenced and you will find an uphill entrance and a downhill exit.

In total, there are over 30 artificial and natural snow slopes where you can practise and improve your style in complete safety. Finally, you can relax at the Chill Area - a small facility equipped with a sound system, a solarium area and a grill. 

The snowpark has five lines of structures, easily accessible via the Lavaman and Cordela slopes:

  • Beginner line, with beginner structures suitable for toddlers and beginners (3/4 box structures).
  • Easy line with easy boxes and rails to start freestyle (4/5 boxes and rails).
  • Jump line with 3 jumps for everyone; size S (Small) and M (Medium) 
  • Rail line with technical structures (rails) for more experienced riders (5/6 structures)
  • Slopestyle line with 3 jumps L (Large) and more structures suitable for training, competitions or simply to enjoy some air time!

Impressive earth-moving works carried out in 2017, designed by SlopeDesign Snowpark, shaped the snowpark structures and drastically reduced the mass of snow needed, to such an extent that the snow coverage of the entire snowpark is comparable to that needed for a normal ski slope of the same surface area. Even large structures such as the jumps, therefore, which generally require tens of thousands of cubic metres of snow and several days' work by snow groomers, in the case of Monte Bondone only require a good snow base and less than half the number of hours of snowmobiling, with obvious savings in energy and water resources. For these reasons, we can define the Monte Bondone snowpark as one of the most sustainable in Italy!

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