A great opportunity to discover the history and traditions of Trento

Charming excursions that lead to the discovery of Trento's most unique places, its history and traditions, to be enjoyed at any time of the year.

Urban trekking itineraries in and around Trento

15 excursions to discover Trento and the surroundings with information and suggestions suiting different skill levels.

  1. The Imperial Walk
  2. The City of the Future
  3. Subterranean Tridentum
  4. The ancient village and Doss Trento
  5. The Sorasass circular route 
  6. A glance up ancient chestnut oaks
  7. Among the vineyards on the right of the Adige river
  8. The Alpine Wildlife path
  9. To the city forest
  10. Path of the kites
  11. The pat among the Maranza woods
  12.   A journey in the past
  13. The stone of Trento
  14. The ancient Claudia Augusta road
  15. The hill of Science


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