The "Cascata del Lupo" legend

Cascata del Lupo is located in the town of Piazze near the town of Varda Casei.

Legend has it that in that town of Casei, flax was cultivated and worked, diverting water from the nearby river Regnana. The work carried out by the local women involved the commitment of most of the day outdoors, bringing their children with them. It is said at that time that a pack of wolves lived in the area and the women at work were afraid that these wolves could tear apart their children or even endanger their mothers.

The pack of wolves was led by the male, who is said to have been called "Fiuto Leggero", and the female, "Raggio di Sole". For the safety of the area, the hunters tried to kill these wolves, except for "Fiuto Leggero" and "Raggio di Sole" who were saved. However, there was still a fear that attacks would occur, since the pair of wolves were still alive, so it was decided on a full moon night to ambush. That night "Raggio di Sole" was killed, but "Fiuto Leggero" managed to escape.

However, it is said that the sadness of "Fiuto Leggero" for the disappearance of his companion, led him to jump from the cliff of the waterfall, being killed. Hence the legend of the "Cascata del Lupo".