My Active Summer

Summer activities on Monte Bondone and Piné Plateau


Your summer on Monte Bondone and the Piné Plateau

In the air the sweet sounds of nature, on the skin the warm light of the sun, in the eyes the majesty of the mountains and the intense blue of the lakes: the perfect recipe to regenerate body and mind, in the open air.

Monte Bondone and the Piné Plateau are a true oasis of green and blue, a few steps from the city of Trento. Places where you can reconnect with nature, dedicating yourself to your well-being and many outdoor activities with the whole family.


On Monte Bondone and the Pinè Plateau, many experiences dedicated to the wellbeing of body and soul await you every day, including excursions, trekking (also with animals) and outdoor activities. Free or at a discounted price with the Trento Guest Card. Booking is always compulsory by 6 p.m. the day before... don't wait!


Being forest, the path of the 12 senses

Being Bosco is a trek – an engaging, exciting and experiential spectacle. It tells of plants, trees, forest spirits, respect and love for nature, senses and emotions. All through 12 symbolic stages that represent the 12 senses of man according to the holistic theory.

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Shinrin, the queens of the woods

Shinrin is a journey - a live, dynamic, visionary, dreamlike and fantasy show that develops as one performance with a high emotional, immersive and sensorial impact. During the play, the trees express the voices of female actresses to tell their ancient stories of frost, snow, mystery, love, and friendship. In this environment, headphones amplify the effect of "getting lost" in the woods and in the history along the fireplace.

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A yourney among the stars

A sound, musical and sensorial experience to be enjoyed with your nose turned upwards in headphones, where the voices of science, poetry and philosophy blend with those of music and imagination. A journey into the infinite space of the cosmos and the soul.

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The ideal week

Piné Plateau

Every day of the week you can choose from immersive nature experiences, educational workshops, tastings, MTB excursions, guided hikes and much more. See the flyer!


During the summer season, the Viote Alpine Botanical Gardens and the Terrace of the Stars offer interactive activities, creative workshops, guided tours, shows and events in order to learn more about biodiversity and astronomy surrounded by nature. Discover the programme!

And more activities...

Dolomiti Avventura – Guide Alpine

Guided hikes, via ferrata, climbing.
M. +39 3477031435 - 

Malga Brigolina

Trekking with alpacas, sensory trails with alpacas, dogs, horses, donkeys, sheep, goats and other animals, educational farm, pet therapy (assisted intervention with animals), sale of dairy products (new 2024: also available at Malga Fragari). 
Str. della Brigolina, 6 – Monte Bondone
M. + 39 335 8383286 

Noleggio Degasperi

Guided bike tours, bike, e-bike and mtb rental, accessories and sporting goods, more.
Strada di Vason, near seggiovia Palon – Monte Bondone 
M. + 39 3356144806 - 

Noleggio Nicolussi 

Nordic walking, trekking, climbing, more.
Strada di Vason, 84 Vason - Monte Bondone
M. +39 3407124107 - 

Scuola Italiana Sci e Snowboard Monte Bondone 

Family treasure hunt (every Tuesday from 9 July to 27 August at 3.30 p.m.).
Strada di Vason, 93 Vason - Monte Bondone
Tel. 0461 948211 - 

Scuola Sci e snowboard Cristallo

Recreational area with archery, shooting range, inflatable slide and electric mini-quad trails, guided e-bike tours, e-bike rental, e-bike express at home, accessories and sporting goods, more.
Strada di Vason, 110 Vason - Monte Bondone
M. +39 3806328814 - 

Scuola Italiana Sci Fondo Viote

Nordic walking
Strada delle Caserme, 5 Loc. Viote - Monte Bondone 
Tel. + 39 0461 948105 - 

TrentINTrekking - Accompagnatori di Media Montagna 

Guided hike to Monte Cornetto (every Wednesday from 5 July to 13 September at 9 a.m.), guided treks. 
M. +39 3488146650 | +39 3471351160 -