For a responsible tourism

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Responsible tourism is a way of traveling that focuses on sustainability, responsibility and respect. The responsible tourist is aware of the impact his or her travel may have on the environment, local communities, and cultures, and strives to minimize this impact in a positive and constructive way.

Responsible behaviors

These are those small, concrete actions that guests in the area can implement before, during, and after their vacation to minimize the negative impact of their trip on the environment, local communities, and cultures. Before the trip, responsible behaviors range from researching information about the culture, traditions, and environment of the place one is going to visit, to choosing a responsible tour operator, to booking accommodation that takes measures to reduce environmental impact.

During the trip, responsible behaviors are all those geared toward the judicious use of resources, reducing waste, buying local products, and generally respecting the environment and local cultures. Finally, after the trip, sharing your experiences and supporting organizations that are committed to protecting the environment, local communities and cultures can make a difference. 
We can all help create a more sustainable, equitable and respectful world by choosing to travel responsibly.


What do we mean by responsible behavior?


Sustainable mobility

Sustainable mobility is a necessary travel model for building a safer, healthier and more sustainable future for all. Getting around while minimizing damage to the environment and improving the quality of life in cities is far from impossible, especially in Trentino, where there is no shortage of alternative and sustainable modes of transportation.

How to reach us

  • by train using the Bologna - Verona - Brenner railway line. For dates, times consult the Trenitalia website.
  • by bus, choosing from one of the many Flixbus lines connecting Italian and European cities to Trento.
  • on a bike along the Via Claudia Augusta, an ancient Roman road now used as a cycle path connecting our territory to Germany, Verona and Lake Garda.
  • booking a ride on Blablacar so that we can share the excitement of the journey and minimise costs and impacts.
  • travelling by car, but once you arrive at your destination, we suggest you leave it in a parking place and enjoy the city in comfort on foot, by bus or by bike
  • the nearest airports are Verona (90 km), Brescia (165 km), Venice (155 km), Treviso (130 km), Milan (250 km), Bergamo (200 km) and Bologna (225 km).

How to get around once here

Access for all

Making sites, facilities and services accessible to all, including people with disabilities and those with special accessibility needs, is one of the goals of our destination.