Ice Rink Piné

Speed and figure skating, short track, hockey, curling and broomball. The Ice Rink Piné is a reference centre for various ice sports.

A prestigious multifunctional centre

The Ice Rink Piné consists of an arena with a 30x60 metre ice rink and 1800 seats as well as an outdoor ring with a linear development of 400 metres for both speed skating on ice (from November to March) and roller skating on concrete (from May to the end of September). It is frequented all year round by children, teenagers and adults. Not only athletes, of course: at the Ice Stadium, introductory courses and lessons are held for all sports, divided by age and level. The public can also access the facility (through tickets or subscriptions) and rent the necessary equipment. And, at the same time, visitors can make use of the various services available: massage room, infirmary, bar, meeting rooms, guest quarters and gym.

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A sports centre for skating (and more!) all year round

The Ice Rink Piné is a reference centre for various ice sports: this facility located at an altitude of about 1,000 metres, not even 20 kilometres from Trento, hosts courses, training and national and international sports events. But that's not all... the Ice Rink Piné is open all year round and in summer activities and events are organised for children and families such as archery and climbing.



The Ice Rink Pinè is a federal centre of the FISG (Italian Ice Sports Federation). Numerous meetings of national and international teams take place during the year, who choose the Pinè Plateau ring for the magical atmosphere that the area offers and for the importance of the rink on the international scene.


For years, the indoor arena has hosted numerous training sessions of various national and international hockey clubs. Recently, thanks to the installation of new balustrades, international rallies and tournaments are held at youth level.


The stadium's multi-purpose nature means that it can host teams and national teams for training and broomball matches. In recent years, teams mainly from northern Italy choose the rink to hold their matches.


Many world-famous skaters, as well as sports clubs from all over the world, have been choosing the rink to do their training for years. During the summer period, the facility has become the base of the Russian national figure skating team, due to the quality of the ice, the possibility of using several rooms for dry training, and the multi-purpose nature of the facility.

The Piné Plateau

The Piné Plateau, located at an altitude of about 900 m, is characterised by gentle hills, lakes, forests and green meadows surrounded by the Dolomite peaks of the Lagorai. This beautiful area, not far from Trento, offers sightseeing opportunities in every season.

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