The "Feudatario della Mot" legend

Great bad times, the ones that the Pinetani lived in the dark centuries of the Middle Ages. The tyrant de la Mòt, in fact, who lived with his thugs in the impregnable Castel Belvedere, tortured and embezzled the people of the plateau with all kinds of torture, imposing absurd taxes, claiming the right of first night every time a girl was about to marry, imprisoning and throwing into the deepest dungeons of his manor anyone who dared rebel against his orders.

But even the cruelest tyranny must, at some point, deal with the patience of the tyrannized and in fact a beautiful group of Pinetani decided one day to end it with the lord de la Mòt. But how to do it? They had no weapons to assault and besiege the castle; they had no money to hire mercenaries to fight on their behalf; there was no one among them able to face the bully with open face, in a resolving duel...

Finally, after much thought and discussion, a plan was approved that should have allowed the Pinetani to return to freedom. Everyone knew, in fact, that every week, at exactly the same time, Mr. de la Mòt went out on horseback, alone, to go hunting in the forests of the plateau. He felt safe, the evil one, and with his shoulders covered by his cruelty: no one would ever dare to do anything to them!

The conspirators, on the other hand, procured a long sickle, carefully sharpened the blade and hid at the stables in Valt, an ideal place for an ambush. They did not wait long: a sudden sound of hooves warned them that the tyrant was about to come: they stretched, then, the scythe and... hoof! ... with a clear and precise blow the head of the evil one flew in the air and went to hit the trunk of an oak, rolling in the middle of the meadow.

A shout of triumph rose from the Valt stables: now, without a master, the henchmen would have been easy victims of the improvised army of rebels and...

...and they did not have to deal with the steed of M. de la Mòt who, despite his knight being headless, continued calmly to gallop and returned to the castle, thus sounding the alarm. The bad guys immediately sensed what had happened, took their things and fled far away, leaving the manor unattended.

Thus, the Pinetani, not being able to take revenge with the Mòt thugs for the many wrongs they suffered, took it upon themselves with Castel Belvedere, destroying it to such an extent that today it is no longer possible to recognize it in the tangle of the jungle.

But, say the elders, on certain nights of overcast sky, just before a thunderstorm breaks out, along the road that leads to what were once the stables of the Valt you can see a mysterious headless ghost, walk back and forth holding the horse by the bridles. It is the peaceless spirit of the tyrant de la Mòt who is looking for his head, without which he can never have peace for eternity.