Energy consumption

Switch off the light and save on your bill

​​​​​​​10 tips to reduce energy consumption in your facility

  1. Start monitoring and recording actual consumption: in this way you will discover and can work on your critical points
  2. Train your staff: make them aware of energy saving, they can introduce small measures
  3. Invest in ordinary maintenance to reduce extraordinary maintenance
  4. Involve guests: tell them about your commitment and include reminders to encourage them to optimise consumption
  5. Optimise heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems: a difference of just 1°C can lead to a considerable change in energy consumption
  6. Install photovoltaic panels for domestic hot water and heating, complete with accumulators that not only produce green energy thanks to sunlight, but also store excess energy for use when the climate is less favourable or there is a maximum concentration of consumption.
  7. Replace your boiler with a modern, high-tech solution
  8. Install a cogeneration system, i.e. a system that produces electricity and, at the same time, heat for heating.
  9. Replace traditional light bulbs with LEDs
  10. Set up presence sensors and smart sockets: in this way the system itself recognises the presence or absence of guests and optimises consumption