Water consumption

Save the drop


  1. Install low-water-consumption taps or the latest generation for more rational water flow management
  2. Take action on toilet flushing: adopt dual flush cisterns to differentiate the amount of water coming out of the toilet
  3. Launch information campaigns: distribute leaflets and infographics on saving water
  4. Incentivise guests to reuse towels: provide a vademecum indicating the possibility of reusing towels
  5. Reduce daily cleaning on request: signal to the guest the possibility to dispense with daily room cleaning
  6. Train and raise staff awareness
  7. Rewards virtuous behaviour by guests
  8. Recover black, grey and white water and reuse it for cleaning operations
  9. Pay attention to the pool: cover it with specific covers to prevent water evaporation
  10. Do not underestimate maintenance: have dripping pipes, drains or taps repaired in good time

In addition to these valuable tips, below you will find a vademecum designed for you and some infographics that you can display in your facility in order to raise awareness among guests and staff. What are you waiting for to download them?

Operators' vademecum (PDF - 2,24 MB)

Guests Vademecum (PDF - 1,30 MB)

Daily consumption (PDF - 1,01 MB)