The "Giubbotto del Salvanel" legend

One day a boy showed up at one of the farmhouses in the Sténeghi and asked to be hired as a worker.

"I know how to do many things," said the young man to the owner of the farm.
–  I can treat sheep, milk and cook milk to make cheese, butter and ricotta.
"All right," replied the man, "stay here and let's see what you can do!"

He was a really good guy, there was nothing to say, those from the farm soon noticed. Under his expert hands the sheep became fat and full of wool, while every night many beautiful forms of cheese, butter and ricotta, went to accumulate in the farmhouse pantry.

"If you want," said the boy to the master one day, "I'll teach you how to make butter, cheese and even ricotta!"

In a short time the masadore became so expert, that it was no longer known where to stack the excess product.

"Listen, master," the boy said some time later, "wouldn't you like to know how to make wax from milk too?"
– No, no  – replied the other abruptly, worried about the lack of space in the pantry and having more stuff for customers, – I already know how to do that myself!

The boy knew it couldn't be true, but he shrugged and thought of something else.

A few weeks later, those from the farm decided to give a gift to their young worker and bought him a nice red jacket. As soon as the boy saw him, he shouted with great joy:

– Red bodice, I'll never be on goats again!

And he fled far away, the Salvanèl, jumping merrily and singing a mysterious little song. From that day on, the farm quickly fell into disrepair and was soon abandoned.